The world is full of heroes and goddesses fighting the good fight without expecting, or receiving praise. Let’s celebrate them by bringing awareness to their cause, and their contribution to our community. At the same time our community is filled with artists and creatives who do not receive the exposure they deserve. Let’s get their names out there. If someone comes to mind when reading this, and you’d like to share their story or talent, read on below.


Anyone can contribute; you don’t have to be a New York Times best selling author or linguistic genius. Nor do you need content styled by a high priced team of stylists. Ultimately, good work and good causes speak for themselves.


Inspirational people, heroes & causes

As it relates to the LGBTQ+ community and/or activism furthering humanity.

– Written Description of no less than 300 words .
– Location or area of effect.
– High quality image clearly showing the face.
– Note, (an) image will be stylised for the ‘cover’ (see left)
– Any links to relevant websites and social media.
– Author credit, please include your name or specify if you’d like to be anonymous.
– COPYRIGHT: Be sure to have written permission from the owner/creator of the image(s).

Email me with subject story:


Fashion, Photography, Art & Design

As it relates to menswear, men and the male form only.

– Written Description explaining the general concept or feel.
– If applicable, written description of materials, colours, etc.
– Location of shoot, shop or studio.
– High quality images of no less than 1000px on its longest side.
– Any links to relevant websites, online stores or social media.
– Credit, please include the names of everyone involved, ranging from photographers to designers.
– COPYRIGHT: Be sure to have written permission from the owner/creator of the images.

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Just to reiterate the importance of permission with your contribution. Homotism cannot be held liable for the infringement of copyright. This blog is not monetised and the creators could therefore be ruined should anyone take suit. Ultimately posting content without consent is quite the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve with contributions anyway. Let’s celebrate and give credit where credit is due.