The need to create this blog was born out of my own experiences as a young man struggling to come to terms with my own sexuality. 

For years I repressed all notions of who I was and did everything I could to avoid my own reality – to avoid me. This refusal impacted my mental health and left me on a downward spiral of depression, self -loathing, and later addiction. I was lonely and desperately looking for happiness in other people, things and substances. 

I’ve been sober for some time now, and after having done a lot of work on my self, I have come to realize that happiness comes from within. It’s in self-acceptance and self-love. Happiness is how we treat ourselves in good times and in the worst of times. 

This blog is a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, and I wish nothing more than to spread a message of hope, love, and understanding. Because we’re all in this world together – everything will be okay.