Luigi Bianchi Mantova: FW19

The brand founded in 1911 by Luigi Bianchi, with its focus on; menswear, dresses and suits, is one of the few Italian brands to still be in the hands of the founding family. ” Carrying the hallmark of excellence”, the brand is passionate about the craft of tailoring and still provide those services today.

The Luigi Bianchi Mantova brand ” Fully expresses the satorial tastes of Made in Italy, constant stylist research and exclusivity”The FW19 range is versatile in nature offering products that include “unconstructed and ultralight jackets” with more traditional formal business suits.

Jacket in Prince of Wales Design, consists of Wool, silk and Linen
Double breasted jacket with double check pattern. Consisting of a Wool and silk blend, and includes wide lapels and sleeve heads for a soft puckered look
Knitted effect jacket in pure wool
Unstructured and unlined Carded flannel checked suit, includes genuine horn buttons


Prince of Wales Jacket with mottled effect. Unstructured and unlined with soft shoulders
Glen check jacket consisting of Wool, linen and cashmere. 3 roll to 2 model with wide lapels and neapolitan-style soft shoulders
Padded coat in extra light weight Flannel.