2 Things: to know this November

The Deaf needs activism too

Nyle DiMarco has become one of those people I just can’t get enough of. His twitter account is an inspiration as he dishes out an endearing combination of charm, wit and profound insights.

It’s quite refreshing to see a man of love, acceptance and courage amongst all the Narcissism and hate on Social media these days. And that refreshment dear reader is a good thing, because his good looks has a tendency to leave one rather thirsty.

© Jake J Tullier

DiMarco, who is deaf and has publicly identified as being sexually fluid, speaks to L’officiel about the importance of representation for both LGBTQ+ and d/Dead/HOH communities in their November digital issue.

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Now, watch him represent .

If you didn’t know, now you do

For transgender week The Ellen tube in collaboration with attn: featured an episode of Now you know, the feature is narrated by Wanda Skykes and takes a look at LGBTQ+  throughout history